Answers and Questions of the Interview

What is your name?
Pawel Kuzma
What is your title job?
Here in AUC Adjunct faculty Professor
What is your age?
How did you find that music is your passion?
–  In the beginning, he was forced by his parents, because they wanted
him to do art as a hobby. Then he went when he was like 7 or 8, they
send him to the music center and the only free place in the music
center was actually the last place was guitar. So he was like ok there
is no other choice so he took guitar, it wasn’t his decision, he
didn’t do it because he wanted to, but his parents forced him to do it
and later on when he started to play guitar he suddenly discovered
that it’s actually very cool and it was a good choice that they forced
him to do it and his parents were standing on top of him like practice
practice. Then after few years he realized that this is what he wants
to do in his life.
What is the difference that you have faced with music culture between
Egypt and Europe?
-Well there is a common misunderstanding that music is a universal
language and it’s not a universal language, we cannot communicate
universally with music, we cannot understand music in the same way,
because it always depends from we come from. So it is always affected
by our culture, our experience, what is happening around us. So as you
know, Egypt is very different than Poland in many many ways so it also
affects how we listen to Art or how we listen to music or perceive
art, and because of that also people focus here in Egypt on very
different elements or things than Europe like here, what is the most
important is the message behind the music, like if he plays his music
and there is a lot of emotions going out from it, but they need to be
very precised, so he needs to go always in one direction if he jumped
through emotions, people don’t like this here, people like when he
goes straight, but in one direction. On the other hand, in Europe they
focus or in Poland, it is more about how precised you are with your
music, it doesn’t focus much on the expression, it does not need to be
so much expressive as it needs to be technically good and technically
correct then comes the second level of importance, is how much of
emotions you put into the music and then one can jump to different
emotions. When people in Poland listen to the music, they really
appreciate when one is able to switch from opposite emotions like from
something very happy to something very sad or tragic to do those
channels but from his experience and people in Egypt want to
experience and digest everything, which is very good.
Which countries that you have found yourself comfortable in terms of
the reaction of the people to your music?
-United States was very good, people did really enjoy the music and
they were really enjoying his way of playing, because every musician
has his or her  own way in playing and everybody would play
differently even if some a group of Guitarists play the same piece
each and every one will play it differently. So in United States, he
notices that people enjoyed his way of playing a lot, the same in
Egypt; people really appreciate music her and it is really nice to
play for Egyptian audiences. In Poland it is much more difficult,
because it is technically demanding, because the music he plays is
European so it is very obvious that people in Europe will be the most
demanding towards this music. So it is much more difficult to play
there because they will catch every small mistake and they would say
that you made mistake in this specific in music, they are picky. But
he likes when people don’t focus on the technical part, when people
actually go beyond that behind the techniques and going to the
expression like what the art is really about
Tell me about a challenge you’ve faced at work and how you dealt with
it in university?
-It is fun, he really likes it here, people are very cool, but what he
can complain about students a bit is when students always want to have
easy time like go through the subject easy and get straight A’s and
this is not how it works.
What are you looking forward to ?
-He has many things going on at the same timelike he plays in few
different ensembles and he is trying to start Doctoral degree in US in
Los Angeles, so he is waiting for the acceptance letter and this what
he is looking for now.


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