Reflection on the Course

Joining the Creative Thinking Course in Cairo was one of the best choices i made in this semester. I couldn’t value the importance of creativity and i thought that it was not a big deal but after taking this course it really change my mentality. Thanks to all the activities that we did inside and outside the class. Although the activity that we did on twitter was a little bit hard to follow because i am not active on twitter. Yet it was challenging and fun for trying different and new thing. Also doctor Hoda’s achievements with us in this course were so many like the Maker Fair, solving problem of Ana Masry organization and the knowledge that we grasped from Food Bank. I am so grateful for the change that i personally noticed not only in my thinking skills but as a person. How to become a responsible person and solving the problems that this culture faced was one of the important things this course opened my eyes on. When we reached the end of the first half of the semester with doctor Hoda and we were about to get in the second half of the semester, the game design, I had so many concerns about how will I be able to design a game or even how will I deal with the opinions and different prespectives of my group. I was really worried about how will I even begin to think about it, the idea itself made me nervouse. Which part I’ll be taking when we estimate the group work, how will I be able to lay down my ideas on the table and how far I will be able to express them. So many questions were going on my mind. Even though the game design course was a little bit intense and I found it myself hard to get through for I thought that I was not good at designing and planning but after digging and getting deeper in this module it proved me wrong. Doctor Maha managed to make this course so easy to comprehend and fun at the same time. As a class we were so active for Doctor Maha supported us through every step in the gamification process and through the whole module. Each and every activity that was done in and outside the class had to have a creative thought or idea behind it. In fact when we were trying out different games to help us in creating, it wasn’t only about education, but to inetract and communicate with my colleagues. As a result, this had helped my group and I to get along and get a head and series into designing the game. As the experience we gained from the first module, we used it in this project like thinking laterally, collaborating, sharing and respecting eachothers different prespectives can integrate in a one complete idea. Therefore this can lead to a complete and a successful game. At last, after hard work, deterioration, and determination, we were capable of doing a prototype to our game in which we displayed it for people to play. The thing that really made our game different is that it is really inviting because there were activities that required interaction and motion. Thanks to the games that we used to play in the class where our game was inspired from. Overall, the experiences I gained throughout this module are innumerous. I learnt that everyone is creative in his own way and that no one is not creative. I understood the meaning of working in groups, and felt that my thinking skills improved. I really appreciate the experience and skills that I have gained throughout the two modules and hope that I could take this course again but different topic. Also try new things without being shy and worried. This experience wouldn’t be that successful without the effort of doctor Maha and doctor Hoda who played an important role in teaching us an important lesson. Creativity exists in everyone.


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