The Designing of Our Game

The design of our game witnessed progress until we put the final touches. This progress was rendered to develop group work, putting in efficient ideas, and finding a creative and an interactive way to attract a group age. We succeded to provide infromation about Egyptian historic places, egyptian food, egyptian music, and egyptian movies. Furthermore, our game participants will also get to know more about the Egyptian culture. Throughout experiencing the game it turned out to be so easy to comprehend, easy to play, and most importantly having fun while playing. This is definetly the most important element of a successful game. I myself while trying out our game, noticed how we as a group developed our ideas while moving a head one day after another. New ideas were added until we reached a decisive conclusion. Nevertheless we managed to incorporate several challenges to the game to make it more interesting. Although the assignment was challenging we managed to complete it in the designated time table. Our game tends to be educational, yet to be different in its own way. Although our game is inspired from Taboo, scavenger hunt, jeopardy, and charades we added to our game some clues for the scavenger hunt while the participants act out, sing or drawing. The benefits of this game is to interact with others also help the participants to break the ice in the relationship and get to know eachother easily and in an indirect way, a tool of developing communication and to think in an unusual way( thinking laterally) and finally to make the game leave its finger print in designing games.


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