Creatopia Reflection

Creatopia day was such a new and unique experience. I had the chance of trying out creative games.I had the chance not only to play with these great games but i played with both professional game designers and students as they helped us to understand the game and taking by their advice to compensate it in our game. I tried to use the time efficiently and asked the students and professional game designers what is the main target to start designing an educational game yet fun at the same time; one of the owners of the game told me that in order to start designing a proper game I have to look first at the idea of the game it it will benefit the players at the long-term and a game that every time has something different or new to offer for not to be boring. Moreover, when i subject the object of the game i have to start with it and followed with the other steps. This game had took creativity to a whole new level where the process presents a kind of an edge to the game like the treasure which i like a gift,  the cards which is a penalty whatever the card says your penalty. Over all the process of the game is so effective, but it is a little bit complicated, it is not easy to understand it but after i started to get into the game i immediately understood it. Here are some pictures of the game.


image-7.jpegmusic game pic

Here is another game for music lovers that educates people more about music






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