Scavenger Hunt

Before starting the Scavenger Hunt, my experience with twitter was zero; I was not the type of a twitter person, because I used to see my friends and my cousins tweeting all the time but I had no interest in it for i do not like tweeting, even in any other social media because I am not that active on social media . Not only i used to see it as a waste of time, but also the thing I noticed and that really bugs me is how my cousins and friends got addicted to it to an extent where I can sit with them but sometimes they don’t pay attention to what I am telling them because they are busy texting, posting or tweeting and it irritates me because I feel that it is a little bit disrespecting or it makes the person feel  underestimated. I thought that this technology is taking over peoples’ minds and that social media as a whole is brain washing technology. But it turned out that I was wrong in somethings. Although social media wastes time, but it actually makes the person aware in which one can explore and being introduced to new things. The twitter experience wasn’t bad after all, indeed it introduced me to a new experience where i can share information and experience the feeling of sharing things with friends where your ideas and thoughts can actually be creative and share something that people can see it beneficial and can actually use it. Most importantly you gain different and various information that can make you realize the value of diverse thinking. For instance the experience of the Scavenger hunt was a totally different and new thing that I was ignorant about; like interacting with people you don’t know made me learn not to be afraid of trying something new.

where do you find this place?



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