Reflection on Module 1 and D-Thinking Project

When I first enrolled in the Creative Thinking and Problem Solving course,I thought that I was not going to gain much from it, but it proved me wrong;  this module had such an effective influence on me. This wouldn’t have happened without the help of the advisor who convinced me to take this course , in order to make it  easier to comprehend. Actually I was worried to take this course at first because I thought that I was not a creative person, but after digging and getting deeper in the course, I found that this was just the fear of being introduced to something new. Indeed, after taking this course I found out that it is not only  very useful as it helped me think creatively and find solutions to all problems we face in our daily life creatively, but most importantly changed my mentality and allowed me to think or see the problem from so many sides and perspectives. One of the most important things I learned to be successful in this course is thinking laterally which was the turning point in my way of thinking. Creative thinking also helps individuals to achieve more and struggle less in their lives; it also increases one’s self confidence. One of the most important challenges that I learned  and started to adopt was to to work in a group. At first, I was nervous because I was used to studying alone and I thought that working in groups will allow others to pick my brain, but in reality group work turned out to be more beneficial and fruitful. I realized that group work meant collaboration.  One of the most inspiring  things we have done with Dr Hoda Mostafa  is activities done in class like cross pollination, food bank application, friend gift where we learned to understand our partner we are working with. Another excellent activity presented by Dr. Mostafa was gathering real data by moving on campus and getting students’ opinions about  problems they face on  campus.  The biggest project we have done until now is the fascinating Design thinking project. As a result, these activities helped us in our projects and they will surly help us in the future when we get to do bigger projects. Overall,  the experiences I gained throughout this module are innumerous. I learnt that everyone is creative in his own way and that no one is not creative. I understood the meaning of working in groups, understood the meaning of critical thinking, and felt that my thinking skills improved.


Design thinking project was one of the main challenges we faced. Thanks to the organization we have been working with; it opened my eyes to the problems to see it in various ways and what the organization is struggling with. This led me to  understand the problems in order to deal with  them, analyze them, and come up with a creative solution. This organization had actually united us as a group more because we had to go  downtown and meet up with Omar who manages this organization that needed to reaffirm  the Egyptian’s identity and  to tell us about what they needed. Therefore, as a group we came up with a useful idea to help them gain resources, attract more people, and prove themselves among all other organization. Our target was to sustain a guaranteed future for this organization so that it would be accredited.

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