Maker Faire

Maker fair has been an unforgettable experience. Regarding the Maker Faire, the idea of just getting into the old AUC campus in Tahrir was a spectacular experience. Nevertheless, while walking in the Maker Fair event, I was fascinated by the different and various types of booths and Clubs each and every group made. I kept looking and standing at most of the clubs to take an idea what is the club about and the strange thing u found the names of known stores like Virsion. Furthermore, some of the clubs that I can remember are marvelous club where people get to make their customs by their own hands, geek club where they have a robot that goes under the water where do tasks by seeing if there any problems in a cable or something like the huge disaster of the internet cable that was severed and damaged in the Red Sea. So by this robot it will solve problems like this. Also the hand made accessories booth, the diaries booth and the presentations that has been done. It was one of a day; the way of observing these People who have done such a wonderful job and putting their small group work into something bigger that reach out to people and show them their effort and hard work. This Maker Fair taught me the value of working not only hard to achieve my goal, but also to cherish and value the group work, because without the group somethings wouldn’t have been done right without their support. The most important thing I have learned from this field trip is Perseverance for it is the key to make all of this happens. These clubs wouldn’t have been there, without experiencing failure because failure is what made then become stronger and successful. The way they think with and the skills they have, made me motivated to start think about my own project.


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